Welcome to CREXSOFT crypto exchange platform!
Crypto exchange CrexSoft is focused on convenience, simplicity and speed of service.
CrexSoft.com opened on January 01, 2020. We will be glad if you share information about us with your friends. With us you can trade the best cryptocurrencies in the world: bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc. Low commissions make it profitable to trade even small amounts. We do not collect personal data of users, no emails, phones and passports. Not a single exchange is protected from scam, but we care about our reputation. Check the absence of bad reviews about our exchange on the Internet - this is the best guarantee of reliability.

  • Make cryptocurrency exchange fast, convenient and cheap.

Our advantages:
  • No KYC - completely anonymous exchange.
  • You can trade without commissions (see trading rules).
  • We do not block wallets and do not ban our users.
  • All deposits of crypto wallets are free.
  • Fast deposit of coins/tokens for small amounts.
  • Low withdrawal fee.
  • Simple and clear trading rules.
  • Simple API for automated trading.
  • Support does not ignore users.

Our cons:
  • Simple design, minimum bells and whistles, graphics and animations, fans of cool designs may not like it, everything is focused on the convenience of the exchange, and minimizing clicks to complete transactions - even a beginner will figure it out.

Trading rules:
  • If an order is placed in the order book, then the commission is not charged - trade for free.
  • A fixed commission of 0.1% is charged if you trade at the market price and your order is executed immediately upon creation.
  • The commission is withdrawn at the moment the order is triggered only from the amount of the transaction (if the order for $100 and bought part of it for $20, then the commission will be taken from only $20).
  • Transit transfers of fiat currencies qiwi-visa-payeer-advcash are prohibited.
  • Transactions made during system failures may be cancelled.

Rules of conduct on the site:
  • Insults in the chat are prohibited (will result in the chat being disconnected).
  • It is forbidden to duplicate messages with advertisements in the chat (will result in the chat being disconnected).
  • It is forbidden to create multi-accounts in order to receive freecoins.

In addition, in order not to break the law:
  • Respect international law.
  • Follow the laws of the countries of which you are a citizen.
  • Follow the laws of the country you are in.

Official site - https://crexsoft.com
Official twitter - https://twitter.com/crexsoft

Communication with support only through the site - https://crexsoft.com/support
For general questions, please contact by email - [email protected]